Photo by    Stacy-Ann Ellis

Jessica Joyce Jacolbe is a writer and editor originally from Brooklyn.

With an interest in Filipinx American identity, arts and culture, and the internet, she has written for Catapult, Garage Magazine, ILY, Passerbuys, and others. She is a contributing writer to the Art & Art History vertical at JSTOR Daily.

She is currently pursuing an MA degree at Columbia Journalism School concentrating on Arts & Culture writing, and is a member of the Newswomen’s Club of New York.

Since 2018, she has been an arts and community organizer along with her co-founders and co-organizers of Dogeaters Collective, a group of Filipinx American artists and writers based in New York City who are interested in challenging identity and creating radical futures. They successfully raised funds for their first art show, The First Picture of You, 1990, which exhibited at the Philippine Center in New York in May 2019.